Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good food for a tiresome day

Today we got a lot of stuff from Ikea, which means we had a blast assembling them (well may be not a blast, we spent the entire day assembling stuff!) Lunch was at Chipotle- lot of food for a reasonable price (Read "not-exactly-healthy"). So after a day of hard work I decided to make some good food. I am not sure if I am on time for Tried and tasted event hosted by Kits Chow but I did make two recipes from a favorite blog of mine "Hooked on heat". I love her blog mainly because of the simplicity of her recipes and of course good photography.
I made Alu fry and a rice with lentils and tomatoes. I followed the recipes through except for the alu fry I used yukon instead of red potatoes. Also for the rice dish I used long grain parboiled rice and omitted the garlic (did not feel like garlic today). I also garnished the rice with some nice crisp brown rice.

Judgement : I loved it. What better than good food for a really really long and tiring day.
Here are the photos.

PS It is almost 9PM and I have to get to lab to start something for tomorrow morning!

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  1. Hi Abbhi,
    I am so impressed to seee your wonderful dishes - thanks for participating. I hope you are up for this month´s challenge too :-) Details on my Blog - left upper corner.