Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What did you do for Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is the brain child of WWF and Sydney Morning Herald. It was first held in 2007. For two years now- last Saturday of March, people have been urged to turn their lights switch off to save energy.
We did what we could- turned the lights and TV off. We avoided using the microwave and opening the refrigerator. We ate in the living room feebly lit by candles. This brought back some of the best memories of home- I used to love when there were power cuts especially at nights, the city would seem to fall into this unrealistic calm. Anyway, I am almost sure we did not make even a tiny bit of difference but at least we made it a point to do our part. But we enjoyed the earth hour with some good food- ready made parattas (kotthu parota macchi!) and great kurma that my friend made. The guys however were too drunk (homemade margaritas and guinness beer) to care...Just kidding guys!!!
Check here for how the rest of the world does it, I like the Eiffel tower and the parliament bldg in London.

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